Ultra-fast Trade Execution with No Re-quotes or Rejections

99.7% of all orders executed in less than 50ms

Strict NO requotes policy

Real Time market execution

100% execution rate - no rejection of orders

Margin Call level 150%
Stop Out level 50%
Margin call/Stop out For our MT5 platform a margin call occurs when equity on the account falls below 150% of the margin required for maintaining your positions and an automatic stop out will occur when account equity falls below 50% of the margin required for the trades.

This percentage is constantly calculated and updated on your platform and is called 'margin level'. If your equity (balance plus/minus open profit/loss) falls below 50% of the margin required to maintain the open position(s) they will be automatically closed. This is calculated as follows:

Margin level (equity / margin) = < 150% (margin call warning)

You can reduce such risk by setting up stop loss. Another effective way to control your position size to avoid excessive risk exposure. When the margin is seriously insufficient, forced liquidation cannot be fundamentally prevented by hedging the position, because it will face the charge of overnight swap and possible spread expansion due to market risk.

Negative Equity Protection Policy NCE strictly implements the regulatory negative asset protection policy. All investors do not need to repay the loss amount for the negative balance in their accounts. Our system will check the accounts with negative balance every 30 minutes and correct them to 0.
Disconnection compensation If the connection is disconnected due to server failure, our company will compensate the relevant orders based on the most favorable point for the customer during the disconnection period. If the customer's own network or the customer's network operator fails, the compensation application will not be accepted.
Slipage  Slippage occurs under market price transaction mode.
If you expect take-profit and stop-loss to be executed exactly according to the set values, we cannot meet this requirement. What we promise is that regardless of taking profit, stop loss, pending orders, the order will be executed at the market price, positive and negative slippage will exist equally and fairly.
Forex Trading hours During holidays, the trading hours of some symbols may change. For forex, from 23:58 to 01:02 everyday server time, only position closing operations can be performed, but no position opening operations can be performed.